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Spedia is a program that pays you to run their advertisement banner while you surf internet sites. The program is really easy to install and operate and you get the opportunity to earn up to $0.5/hour just for your online activity! The membership is 100% FREE!

All you have to do is to be connected to internet and surf through your favorite pages - and this way you earn cash money. You can use Spedia viewbar for unlimited time every month! Spedia pays internationally. They share with you up to 70% of the revenue Spedia get from advertisement companies. 

And you get paid not only for surfing but there are more great ways to earn money with Spedia: just imagine get paid for playing free online games(!), for joining special promotion offers (of course they're free), for reading advertisement e-mails and referring friends! 

And the most loyal members of Spedia program are certainly to be rewarded.  Spedia has launched so-called Premier Membership Club. The Premier Members will benefit from premium payout rates which are 20%-50% above the standard rate for the billing period. To join the club you have to use Spedia bar at least 2 hours per day. Just think - getting up to $0.7 per hour just for browsing your favorites pages!

Spedia referral system is going 5 levels deep

(i.e. when you get somebody joined to this program using your ID (the referral system), you will receive percentage of their income)

It looks like this:

Level 1 10%
Level 2 5%
Level 3 5%
Level 4 5%
Level 5 5%

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